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Simple Chat
January 7, 2024
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Android 4.0+
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SimpleX APK is a new messaging app that keeps your messages safe and private. It’s different because it doesn’t use any numbers or names to identify users. In November 2022, experts from Trail of Bits checked and said it’s secure.

Here are some things SimpleX APK can do:

  • Private Messages: You can send messages, and only you and the person you’re talking to can read them. You can also change or delete your messages.
  • Sending Pictures and Files: You can send pictures and files, and SimpleX makes sure they stay safe and private.
  • Different User IDs: You can have a new ID each time or keep one for a long time. It’s up to you.
  • Secret Group Chats: If you want to talk with a group of people privately, SimpleX lets you make a secret group. Only the people in the group know about it.
  • Talking on the Phone: You can have private phone calls with SimpleX. It keeps your calls safe.
  • Quiet Notifications: SimpleX tells you when you have a message, but it doesn’t show your private stuff in the notifications.
  • Move Chats to Another Device: If you get a new phone or computer, SimpleX lets you move your chats and contacts to it.

SimpleX Chat advantages:

  • Full privacy of your identity, profile, contacts and metadata: unlike any other existing messaging platform, SimpleX uses no phone numbers or any other identifiers assigned to the users – not even random numbers. This protects the privacy of who you are communicating with, hiding it from SimpleX platform servers and from any observers.
  • Complete protection against spam and abuse: as you have no identifier on SimpleX platform, you cannot be contacted unless you share a one-time invitation link or an optional temporary user address.
  • Full ownership, control and security of your data: SimpleX stores all user data on client devices, the messages are only held temporarily on SimpleX relay servers until they are received.
  • Decentralized network: you can use SimpleX with your own servers and still communicate with people using the servers that are pre-configured in the apps or any other SimpleX servers.

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SimpleX APK makes talking to your friends safe and private. It’s like having a secret code for your messages!