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June 12, 2023
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Download Delta Emulator ipa for iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16, iOS 17 Latest Version

Delta Emulator IPA is an all-in-one emulator for iOS. Delta builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, GBA4iOS, while expanding to include support for more game systems such as NES, SNES, and N64.

FEATURES of Delta Emulator IPA

Supported Game Systems
• Nintendo Entertainment System
• Super Nintendo Entertainment System
• Nintendo 64
• Game Boy (Color)
• Game Boy Advance
• Nintendo DS
• And plenty more to come!

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Controller Support

• Supports PS4, PS5, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, and MFi game controllers.
• Supports bluetooth (and wired) keyboards, as well as the Apple Smart Keyboard.
• Completely customize button mappings on a per-system, per-controller basis.
• Map buttons to special “Quick Save”, “Quick Load,” and “Fast Forward” actions.

Save States

• Save and load save states for any game from the pause menu.
• Lock save states to prevent them from being accidentally overwritten.
• Automatically makes backup save states to ensure you never lose your progress.
• Support for “Quick Saves,” save states that can be quickly saved/loaded with a single button press (requires external controller).


• Supports various types of cheat codes for each supported system:
• NES: Game Genie
• SNES: Game Genie, Pro Action Replay
• N64: GameShark
• GBC: Game Genie, GameShark
• GBA: Action Replay, Code Breaker, GameShark
• DS: Action Replay

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Delta Emulator IPA Sync

• Sync your games, game saves, save states, cheats, controller skins, and controller mappings between devices.
• View version histories of everything you sync and optionally restore them to earlier versions.
• Supports both Google Drive and Dropbox.

Custom Controller Skins

• Beautiful built-in controller skins for all systems.
• Import controller skins made by others, or even make your own to share with the world!

Hold Button

• Choose buttons for Delta to hold down on your behalf, freeing up your thumbs to press other buttons instead.
• Perfect for games that typically require one button be held down constantly (ex: run button in Mario games, or the A button in Mario Kart).

Fast Forward

• Speed through slower parts of games by running the game much faster than normal.
• Easily enable or disable from the pause menu, or optionally with a mapped button on an external controller.

3D/Haptic Touch

• Use 3D or Haptic Touch to “peek” at games, save states, and cheat codes.
• App icon shortcuts allow quick access to your most recently played games, or optionally customize the shortcuts to always include certain games.

Game Artwork

• Automatically displays appropriate box art for imported games.
• Change a game’s artwork to anything you want, or select from the built-in game artwork database.


• Gyroscope support (WarioWare: Twisted! only)
• Microphone support (DS only)
• Support for delta:// URL scheme to jump directly into a specific game.

**Delta and AltStore LLC are in no way affiliated with Nintendo. The name “Nintendo” and all associated game console names are registered trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd.*

Change Log

• Fixes keyboard support on iOS 15+
• Fixes ControllerInputsViewController’s system picker UI
• Fixes not detecting keyboard presses when remapping inputs
• Fixes displaying system name in dark text when remapping inputs on iOS 16
• Fixes previous game controller remaining selected when changing controller

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