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Multi-Protocol Proxy Client
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June 12, 2023
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Download Quantumult iPA for iOS iPhone, iPadOS and macOS

Quantumult iPA iOS supports iOS 10.0 or later, iPadOS 10.0 or later, iPod touch Requires iOS 10.0 or later, macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later. Download Quantumult iOS from the link provided now

Quantumult iOS App Description


Quantumult ipa is a powerful proxy client.

• Right now supports protocol Shadowsocks(r), HTTP, HTTP over TLS, SOCKS5, and SOCKS5 over TLS, VMess.

It can capture all the TCP traffic and redirect under your own way by using the Filter function.

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• The filter has a few types to match. For TCP traffic that has the upper layer protocol HTTP(S), ‘HOST’, ‘HOST-SUFFIX’, ‘HOST-KEYWORD’, ‘USER-AGENT’, ‘GEOIP’, and ‘IP-CIDR’ are all supported. For the other TCP traffic, ‘GEOIP’ and ‘IP-CIDR’ are supported. Especially, when dealing with HTTP(S) traffic, Quantumult has another function called Rejection, it matches the whole URL of the HTTP(S) request.

• After the match, the filter has a lot of actions to deal with the request, built-in policies ‘DIRECT’, ‘REJECT’, ‘PROXY’, all your servers, and your customized policies. Actually, you can see all the actions as a lot of paths and you can decide which request goes through which path by using filter function.

Moreover, Quantumult ios ipa can be a convenient web development tool on mobile devices.

• When you are on the road without the Mac platform debugs tools like Charles and Wireshark, you still can use Quantumult to log parts of the web request to debug some web issues.

• Quantumult IPA can log all the HTTP(S) request headers and response headers.

• Yes, you are right it can log the HTTPS request header and response header, be sure to install and trust Quantumult root CA for this advanced function.

Since Quantumult IPA has a function called PROXY, sure it can redirect your traffic to remote proxy servers. But be clear, we do NOT provide any server-side service or support, you should build your own servers.

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• Like we said early Quantumult can redirect all TCP traffic through the filter function, which means you can visit different web site through different servers by the filter. See it can accelerate your network connection if you set your filter right, and of course, the filter is totally customizable.

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• About customized policy, there are 3 different types of customized policy, ‘SSID’, ‘Latency’, and ‘Static’. The ‘SSID’ policy depends on your network environment, Wi-Fi, Cellular or specific Wi-Fi with the SSID you’re provided. The ‘Latency’ policy is based on the latencies of all the servers of the policy settings, the result is the shortest(The test interval has the option of 600 or 1200 seconds). The ‘Static’ policy is based on your manual selection of servers or other policies from the policy settings. Sure you are right, some of policies can wrap up other policies, which is convenient, right?

About the working state, Quantumult can work in 3 states, ‘GLOBAL’, ‘DIRECT’ AND ‘AUTO’.

• The GLOBAL state will ignore filter settings and redirect all TCP traffic through the built-in PROXY policy(you need build and add your server first).

• The DIRECT state will ignore filter settings and redirect all TCP traffic directly to the destination web site. How this state useful ? Yes, it can be a simple web development tool by analyzing the request header and response header including HTTPS.

• The AUTO state, we call it auto because it bases on the filter you set to divide the TCP traffic through different paths, like the popular ACL way.

Extra, Quantumult can also work as a HTTP proxy server for devices under the same Wi-Fi, when this function is turned on, the home view will show the IP and port for another device easily to connect.

At last, some attention.

• About the location on the map of the home view. It is not the real location in the real world, it’s just the IP location and might not be correct.

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Fixes some UI display issues when in dark mode (iOS 13).

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